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Individual & Executive Coaching

Growing a company or a career is a lot like parenting a child; at each stage of expansion, acquisition, promotion, or investment, something different is required of you in a series of unrelenting pivots. As a founder and executive who has grown cultures and international teams from start-up to 700 and participated in multiple acquisitions and integrations, I am an experienced collaborator and thought partner on your journey to scale and sustainability. 

Resilient Teams

Investing in the resilience and development of your senior leadership team pays dividends when they come together and accelerate your organization. I help you cultivate diverse, inclusive, empowered teams that are intentionally built on trust and effective communication. These teams innovate to become greater than the sum of their parts.

Powerful Culture

People still do all the things, so if you want to get anything done, start with the people. Culture is what people do “around here”. Intentionally or not, your culture already drives everything else in your business. I help you align your culture with your values and business objectives, so you have peace of mind that each member of your team will act aptly, with agency to achieve shared goals as you scale.

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