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Live & Work On-Purpose

who you are is how you lead

I am a coach and a consultant.


I have founded, joined, run, advised, sold, and exited multiple companies.


I partner with change-makers to craft solutions, designing work and life on-purpose.

Together we cultivate courageous leadership, generating professional and personal growth, impact, and satisfaction. 

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We all have challenges we’re striving to overcome, distances we long to cover, and times when we feel stuck.


Each of us is creative, resourceful, and whole. And we require other people to nurture, push, and inspire us to move beyond our perceived limitations.  Partnering with a trusted coach or advisor can transform your work and life, evoking new awareness and setting you on a path to greater clarity, efficacy, and fulfillment.


Coaching is a transformative way for you to engage in a thought-provoking partnership. Driven by your agenda, our co-creative process challenges you to maximize your personal and professional potential. Unlock the untapped imagination, productivity and leadership within you. 


Individual & Executive Coaching

Major changes? Feeling stuck?


Who you are is how you lead.


Find clarity, satisfaction, and effectiveness as you stride boldly forward.

Resilient Teams

Powerful Cultures

Teams who master an inclusive culture hone an ability to see problems from many angles and without limitations.


To reimagine and recreate the status quo.

Cultivate diverse, inclusive, courageous leadership teams built on trust and effective communication, who innovate to become greater than the sum of their parts.

People still do all the things; if you want to get anything done, start with the people.


Build an effective, purpose-driven culture aligned with your organization's values and objectives.

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"My time with Carina has been invaluable. I appreciate how she takes the time to understand the challenges that I am facing and their effect on me. She helps me organize my own thoughts and to get to the root of the issue. Moreover, she uses her emotional intelligence and business acumen to push me to see different perspectives and to develop more constructive approaches to address the issue.  Each time we speak, I feel that I come away with the tools, resources and confidence that I need to succeed. The best part of it is that she does it in such a way that you feel that you are speaking with a lifelong friend.  I feel very lucky to have found Carina!"

Surabhi Mathur Visser, Chief Investment Officer, GuarantCo

About Me

My professional and personal journey has been rich and winding. The common thread running through is a deep delight and innate curiosity about people and culture; what makes us soar, and what holds us back? People still do all the things, so if you want to get anything done, start with the people.


I’ve been living and working in Sub-Saharan Africa for the better part of the last 20 years. It has become home for me and my family, and I love working with talented teams to build meaningful solutions to accelerate economies and livelihoods in the youngest and fastest growing communities in the world.   


I worked in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) management consulting for over 10 years, most of those as the founder and MD of Align Environment and Risk, a boutique firm based in Tanzania supporting international organizations with risk management and sustainability planning at all stages of project development lifecycles. I was privileged to work across dozens of countries and industries, giving me a broad and nuanced familiarity with macro and micro socio-economic, cultural, regulatory, and environmental conditions and drivers. I honed an ability to spot gaps in existing markets, and to creatively bridge these gaps by working collaboratively to integrate the best of local and global solutions.

In 2018 I joined Beyonic, an East African fintech startup. As CEO I drove strategy, people, operations, and growth. We exited into pan-African fintech MFS Africa in 2020. As Chief People Officer at MFS Africa, I built our culture strategy and People Operations function. We continued to grow, doubling headcount annually and completing two more acquisitions until we were 700 people across 34 African countries and four continents in 2023.


I am grateful to be able to follow my passion for supporting early-mid stage, high-growth organizations and leaders who are building impactful solutions in key global markets. 

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+17208039581 (SMS & WhatsApp)

Thanks for reaching out, I look forward to talking with you!

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